• 8 Ways Coworking Benefits Businesses

    26th June 2022

    There is a handsome number of people who were not happy working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. A really good amount of people were yearning to return to offices.

    But this was also the time that affected business growth & finances badly. There are a lot of businesses that are still coping with their business losses.

    We are sorry if we have touched both of your pain points in the above-mentioned paragraphs. But, it’s time to move to the good part. We have the perfect solution where you can make your employees happy with a hybrid work model and can manage your business finances at the same time. Let’s learn how.

    Coworking space is the answer. Now let's dig deep & learn about the 8 ways how coworking office spaces are beneficial for your business.

    • Reduced Cost - Flexible workspaces give employers the freedom to pay only for the space they are using. The employer or the company need not pay huge lease amounts as it offers shorter rentals to be paid. Completely managed offices like the ones from Urban Vault, also include electricity, internet connection, clearing & other costs in rental amounts, leaving you behind with no worries & no extra costs. Better Work-Life Balance - The growth in the hybrid work model means employees get work flexibility. A mix of coworking spaces, working from home, & private workspaces are now common in every industry. With this kind of work structure, employees gain time for both work as well as for leisure. This is also a great way to attract new talent to your business.

    • Environmental Impact - Coworking spaces are not only saving time, money & resources for any business but are also giving valuable input to our environment. Such workspaces help in reducing our environmental impact. These can help in reducing CO2 emissions by having a space for your employee near their home, thus eradicating the commute. The shared amenities, reduction in energy waste, balancing overconsumption, and a lot of factors play an important role here.

    • Enhanced Work Efficiency - People who have worked from home ever in their life, will definitely agree to the fact that the major issue is the enormous quantity of distractions. These distractions threaten focus. Office space for your employees, even for a few days of the week will help them focus on their work in a distraction-free environment, separating their work and home life.

    • More Networking Opportunities - Any business or employee can’t network that effectively from behind the screens. When you become a part of a managed coworking office space like Urban Vault, you get opportunities to connect & network with diverse talent. These are the spaces where an advocate is working from the office as a graphic designer and more. Such diverse companies & entrepreneurs means opportunities are everywhere.

    • Extra Facilities Included - Coworking spaces are not about the work location alone, but also include thousands of other facilities along with it. Managed coworking spaces from Urban Vault include: meeting rooms, conference rooms, blazing WiFi, podcast equipment, screening rooms, and a lot more.

    • Diversify Your Work Routine - A shared workplace gives your employees the freedom to locate their favorite & comfort spot every day. The choice may change multiple times during a day and they are all allowed to do so. They can use the outside spaces for natural lights & can select a window corner seat for raining season.

    • Free Coffee - Coffee has been proven to be the best element on earth whenever you are stuck with your office work. And what can be better than getting free tea or coffee while working, or while sooking sun in an outside space, or maybe with some snacks on a rainy day and all this at your office space.

    The Final Words There are hundreds of thousands of benefits for employees as well as for businesses to move to a coworking & managed office space. A workplace can be a lot more than just an office & Urban Vault is doing exactly that.

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