27th May 2022

    Coworking has been on the rise over the past few years. Let’s look at seven reasons why.

    We’ve all come across the term “coworking,” but what exactly is coworking? And why is it gaining popularity?

    Did you know that the history of coworking spaces can be traced all the way back to 1995? Yes, you read that right! Coworking first originated in 1995 in Berlin, Germany.

    The first pseudo-coworking space was known as c-base, and 17 computer engineers created it as a “hackerspace.” The aim was to act as a non-profit place that brought together computer enthusiasts and provided them with facilities, equipment, opportunities for collaboration, and knowledge.

    In 1999, DeKoven coined the term “coworking.” However, back then, he was referring to it as a way of working rather than a place to work.

    Today, coworking has become synonymous with a new and innovative way of working. It refers to people who work independently on different projects or in groups on the same projects in a neutral space.

    However, coworking differs from a traditional office as all the people in a coworking environment don’t work for the same company. It is perfect for small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, and startups looking to accomplish their work and grow their network with corporations beneficial to them.

    The first official “coworking space” was opened in San Francisco on August 9, 2005, by Brad Neuberg, a programmer, in response to “unsocial” business centers and the unproductive work life at home offices.


    While the global economy has been shrouded in gloom post the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing demand for coworking spaces in the work industry, and here’s why.


    Coworking offers opportunities for you to collaborate with others in the workspace and grow your network. You can share ideas and tips, and solve problems together. The other advantage of these collaborations is that you get to share knowledge and learn something new from each other as you are most likely working in different industries or fields of work.

    2. BALANCE

    With remote work becoming increasingly popular, work from home is the norm, but this has its own disadvantages. When you work from home, there is a higher chance of distractions from family members, pets, neighbors, deliveries, etc. These not only affect your productivity but also interrupt your video conferences or virtual meetings. Coworking offers you the peace and work-like environment you need to work efficiently and productively.


    Working from home or in coffee shops isn’t always ideal, and it can get lonely as you are working alone. This is where coworking comes into play. It not only prioritizes work but also promotes human interaction and connection — which leads to forming a community of like-minded people. There are various opportunities for you to connect with others, like during lunch break.


    A traditional office involves a long-term lease with little or no flexibility. With coworking spaces, you have the opportunity to scale up as needed, with no penalties, extra fees, or committed clauses.


    With the increasing popularity of coworking, these spaces have seen changes in the ki designs and the amenities they offer. Modern coworking spaces are designed practically with trendy desks and chairs, air conditioning, kitchen facilities, and window blinds to prevent light reflection. They also have break rooms with a nap area, pool table, ping-pong table, etc.


    Coworking is cost-saving as you only pay for the areas you plan to use and include exclusive perks from cleaning staff to printing services at no additional cost. This is helpful for small businesses that want to continue growing and expanding their company as they won’t have to endure the pressure of long-term leases.


    While coworking, you build a community with like-minded people. By interacting with people in your community, you gain vital knowledge that you can apply when you are creating and working on your next project. When you share knowledge and bounce ideas off one another, it boosts creativity.

    Coworking has modernized the traditional office environment, allowing us the ability to work when and where we want. Have you been working remotely? Tired of working alone? Well, head over to your nearest coworking space and experience this yourself.