• Why Coworking Spaces Thrive People?

    12th November 2022

    In the past few years, we have seen exponential growth in coworking spaces along with managed offices. Many young professionals prefer to opt for coworking spaces instead of renting out an expensive office, where they will be responsible for managing all the stuff. Coworking offices have a completely new way of working & our millennials are finding it worthwhile.

    Formal office space is not something that makes young age professionals happy. A workspace that is flexible, promotes efficiency, boosts employee morale & improves productivity, is the first choice of millennial professionals.

    As per new generation entrepreneurs, employees love coming to coworking office spaces and they need not be forced to do the same.

    What is Coworking?

    Coworking offices are the spaces that bring in entrepreneurs, remote employees, and freelancers from several SMBs and startups, to work together in a single workspace. This is an idea that brings professionals from different industries together and shows the power of networking.

    Who Works in Coworking Spaces?

    Coworking spaces are not limited to any professionals. It’s a kind of space, that can be hired by anyone for their work purposes. Be it a startup looking for a small space, a freelancer wanting to move out of their home, or any SMB requiring budget office space. The same can be implemented to brands as well who wish to have a managed office space for a defined number of employees with zero involvement in managing it.

    As per a report by Coworker cities, SMBs (small & medium-sized enterprises) are the biggest adopters of the coworking space model with 37.93% of all coworkers. The next comes are the startups, making up 27.12% of the total. Freelancers are next on the list at 16.6%. Entrepreneurs also do prefer such workspaces with 7.7% and the rest 5.5% is divided among various other corporate remote workers.

    Why Coworking Space Thrives?

    Increment in Productivity

    Your productivity is what defines your work & success. Low productivity doesn’t only affect the growth of the business but is not beneficial for one's career as well. According to several studies, coworking spaces have a positive impact on employees' productivity.
    When there is a happy & comfortable environment around, anyone gets the motivation to perform their professional duties better. Coworking & managed offices are accomplishing the same.

    Boost in Creativity

    When it comes to business, ideas are the seed to sprout success. A coworking space gives you the time to interact with multiple people and get inspired by them. This eventually leads to originating new ideas or new ways of doing your same old professional responsibilities.
    Research demonstrated that a coworking environment showcases a helpful impact on creativity. It is quite obvious that if you are around creative people, you will find the needed inspiration & motivation to follow new ideas.

    Cure of Isolation

    Freelancers or remote employees naturally build feelings of isolation & loneliness. The number of such working professionals has increased post covid the phase, where the majority of people were working from home.
    These feelings can harm one’s mental health, and overall well-being, along with work efficiency & productivity. Instead of working alone, such people are now preferring to work in a managed coworking space. A positive mindset is the first thing you need while working.

    Builds Professional Network

    Those were the days when a person used to build their network through family members, family friends, or students from their b-schools. Now, the time has changed. People can build their instant network through coworking spaces.

    What can be better than having a huge network of professionals from different industries, working on different projects, knowing different languages, coming from different cultures, and communicating different vibes?

    The more people you know, the better you become. Having a network not only helps in learning what should be done and how to do it but also assists in understanding what shouldn’t be done.

    The Final Words

    Managed & coworking office spaces are beneficial for both, the employees and the business. Regardless of the industry, profiles, or company size, these workspaces have something different which spreads positivity, improves work efficiency along with productivity, and provides motivation, and all this helps in enhancing the business revenue.